I just recently built a chat, it's working pretty well, but I think I need to hook it up to redis.

From what I understand I need redis for scaling and holding some data if a client refreshes or a server goes down.

Talking to someone can go a long way toward improving your well-being and ability to perform day-to-day tasks.

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A core component of the 1on1 chat is that I store the users, and associate a // store stuff in redis redis Client Publish.sadd('sockets:for:' + user Key + ':at:' + room_id, socket.id, function(err, socket Added) { if(socket Added) { redis Client Publish.sadd('socketio:sockets', socket.id); redis Client Publish.sadd('rooms:' + room_id + ':online', user Key, function(err, user Added) { if(user Added) { redis Client Publish.hincrby('rooms:' + room_id + ':info', 'online', 1); redis Client Publish.get('users:' + user Key + ':status', function(err, status) { io.sockets.in(room_id).emit('new user', { nickname: nickname, provider: provider, status: status || 'available' }); }); } }); } }); app.get('/:id', utils.restrict, function(req, res) { console.log(redis Client Publish); Room Info(req, res, redis Client Publish, function(room) { console.log('Room Info: ' + room); Users In Room(req, res, redis Client Publish, room, function(users) { Public Rooms Info(redis Client Publish, function(rooms) { User Status(req.user, redis Client Publish, function(status) { utils.enter Room(req, res, room, users, rooms, status); }); }); }); }); }); So again, I am asking because I am kind of confused if I need to store anything inside redis/why I need to, for instance we may have a few hundred thousand users and the server "Jack" and "Mike" are chatting on goes down, it then changes to point to a new instance.

Obviously I want the chat to still remember "Jack's" socket id is "12333" and "Mike's" socket id is "09278" so whenever "Jack" says hey I want to send "Mike/09278" a message the server side socket will direct it properly.

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Would storing the username as a key and socket ID as a value be a wise use case for redis, would that still work?

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