Features, I don’t even know where to start, I have not yet seen a script offered online that is full of features as this.

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Over the years I have tried different script, the are many to mention but for the sake of privacy and prevention of defamation I will not mention them.

if you need a list of those once have tried let me know.

This is Pandora.com, You Tube.com, put together for the use of all my users except its even way better.

Now I’m running site with peace of mind knowing for sure that a first visit from new user will keep them coming back for more.

Judging from the work and hours they put on working on the script, the price is relatively low.

This show the care that they have on their customer.Here we publish ABK clients’ reviews (Chameleon, Oryx, Business Space etc.) with contact details (you may contact the client in order to find out some details).Also we try to publish the exact site URL of the client so that you can always check this or that review.ONLY REVIEWS WITH CONTACT DETAILS / URLS CAN BE GENUINE.In the past ten years, I have look online for script that does one thing or the other.Abk_soft give you the ability for a user to visit your website for the first time, and that person keep visiting the site more often to the extend that each user will willing share the fun with friend and family. Thanks Abk-Soft John o kolade You like our portfolio and also need a good dating or community website? Call us at +1 (310) 928-7931 or write to [email protected], using MSN account [email protected]