Rather than being a victim of circumstances, he leaned into his attachment to music and made something happen.

With a trademark voice, hazel green eyes and perfectly straight teeth, this performer has quickly worked his way up to mega-watt status.

Despite his challenging childhood, the star knew early on that he enjoyed music and singing.

Adam Levine is perhaps one of the most famous celebrities on the planet.

As founder of the smash-hit band, Maroon Five, Levine built his career and image around swanky, fun sounds and catchy, over the top lyrics.

His parents divorced when he was seven and he grew up spending weekdays with his mother and weekends with his father, according to an interview appearing online (Jewish Chronicle).

An admitted extrovert, he shares that he was “terribly shy as a child”.

In fact when we study celebrities, we quickly learn that the ability to be successful in the competitive, brutal world in which they live requires major focus, long hours and an iron stomach for potential rejection.For example, how many celebrities have we heard of who were “considered” for a part, only to be passed over?While it may be hard to imagine, Levine wasn’t always a star.The Los Angeles born singer appears to have had a childhood that wasn’t easy.He also used different drugs during his younger years, including hallucinogens like mushrooms, according to an article in the Belfast Telegraph.In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, he revealed that he stopped taking drugs after a bad experience with the prescription drug, Ambien, where he lost consciousness for an hour.