New Adult fiction has been a reader-driven trend, and particularly popular with readers who prefer e-books.

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Even those who have been following the trend and are familiar with this emerging publishing category might be stumped about what kind of books to suggest, because the understanding of what falls within this category is still in a state of flux.

Though books about the beginning of adulthood and librarians have a history of targeting older teens, “New Adult” as a separate category is a recent phenomenon.

Traditional publishers have noticed, and more of their titles are being marketed as New Adult.

Chances are, if a patron approaches the reference desk and asks to be directed to the “new adult” fiction, she means the recently released adult fiction, as opposed to the new young adult or children’s literature shelves.

But it’s possible the patron has seen a feature on ABC News or read a piece in The New York Times or even a post on their favorite book blog about New Adult fiction.

These novels aim to bring the emotionally-intense story lines and fast-paced plotting of young adult fiction to stories that focus on a new range of experiences in life beyond the teenage years.

Hallmarks of New Adult fiction include first-person narration, dramatic, soap-opera like plots, and characters with “issues” ranging from history of abuse, anger management issues, and troubled family lives.

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The term originated with a writing contest hosted by St.

Martin’s Press in 2009, but really began to gain credence in 2012 when many independently published New Adult novels began to appear on bestseller lists before being picked up by traditional publishing houses.