In the same sentence describing their app: “build lasting, meaningful relationships in a community built around trust and honesty.” Clearly the app is only as anonymous as you make it.You can start a chat with anyone who posts a whisper. I replied that no, I was just checking things out and that was that.

Adult chat whispers-3

Another Whisper feature is the ability to reply to a whisper, with another whisper.

Often times this is where you can see the “good” side of the app – for example a confession such as “I have a fear of commitment and don’t want to end up like my parents” received over 30 replies, many supportive, or giving advice or just a simple “me too”.

(You are actually provided a username but it’s pretty random).

I’m not sure why the screenshot says “we’ll keep it a secret” as I saw plenty of Whispers from my town and surrounding towns.

(You do have the option, when sharing your Whisper, to remove the location or make it more generic, such as your state rather than your city.) While you won’t see an location, the combination of Location and Chat (see below) would make it easy enough for someone to try to make contact in hopes of a meet up.

Chat Feature– I was surprised to find a Chat feature in an app that welcomes you to “ share your thoughts with the world”.But – on the opposite side of this argument, there are plenty of other confessions, calls for advice, and cries for help that receive no replies.There was a similar response to the declaration of “I wish I wasn’t gay” with over 1,000 replies.A person would feel “heard” and supported, perhaps when they feel like they have nobody else to talk to.Since there are only generic usernames, you won’t necessarily be identified. From what I’ve seen many of the whispers are confessions or questions or even cries for help…i.e. I posted a whisper just to see what it would be like (thorough testing for my Be Web Smart readers! But how would I have reacted if I was a vulnerable teen?Replies – speaking of vulnerable teens (or vulnerable anyone).