)Posted by: Sass October 30,2016Great turn out for another excellent get together in the Prince of Wales, Foxfield including a fine rendition of "Outward Bound". https://goo.gl/photos/s P4jfbgfra7R8i Yt6 Posted by: September 23,2016 Nice article on Geoff Hinchley in the mail this week.Hey Mitch, Steve Bushell still playing TT for Vickers Sports Club.Thus, each year, they will always take place on the Friday and Saturday of the May Day Bank Holiday weekend. The tides do permit a crossing on foot from Walney but my resident Piel native friend tells me we need to set off from Snab Point on Walney at 12.30. Obviously this will be weather dependant (no fun in the rain), it would have been perfect today. Following this, meet at 1pm either at Snab Point for the walk across or in the Duke for taxis to Roa and then ferries to Piel Island for our annual gathering.

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My dad worked at the Evening Mail so I have a few quite good quality ones taken by them.

Posted by: LPSeptember 09,2016 A bit late I know, but condolences. Stuart was a good school friend but we lost touch afterwards. I visit Cumbria often so I might try to get to one of your meetings. Posted by: Bob Taylor July 26,2016Just discovered this site. As I captioned the cricket and table tennis teams Bernie Eales called me Bob.

Playing in the football 2nd team I was called Taylor. Chops July 11,2016Autumn PU is now set for Saturday, October 29th at the Prince of Wales, Foxfield.

Posted by: Ciaran September 23,2016 Nice article on Geoff Hinchley in the mail this week. Excellent centre, unfortunately for the wrong house, some wonderful parties out in Gt.

Hey Mitch, Steve Bushell still playing TT for Vickers Sports Club. Urswick Posted by: Mitch Haynes September 09,2016Just looking back at old Photos and found photo 40 of me in the school Table Tennis team in 1977/8 with Stuart Lawton and Steve Bushell I think we did quite well in the league that year. I've played in various leagues since and now in the Watford League. Dave Hopkins was a good out swing bowler with Barrow C C juniors.

Posted by: Nigel Stevenson November 09,2016Gentlemen - Nigel Stevenson here a pupil of BGS from 1965.Lived in South Lakes for donkey's years and was at Masons Arms Strawberry Bank, but now live in St Ives Cornwall Anyone interested in a couple of photos I came across?And does anyone remember the sweepstake on the length of the headmasters speech?I mentioned it to my dad who in true newspaper spirit ran a story on it and it subsequently made the Sun I think. (I didn't win the sweepstake even though he had a copy of the speech prior to Speech Day!!Meet at Barrow Central Station at 6.00pm or at the Po W itself. Posted by: July 07,2016It is with great sadness I have to say that Geoff Hinchley former pupil lost his battle with cancer on Sunday Should anyone like to pay their respects and say a final goodbye the funeral has been arranged for 14th July 1.00pm at Thorncliffe Crematorium Kind Regards christine Posted by: F. Chops April 21,2016Big events coming up at the end of the month.Do please note that Barrow AFC v Eastleigh kicks off at Holker Street at 3.00pm that day thus an easy walk down to the station after the game (and even time for a swifty in the Duke! Chops May 27,2016Following some very sober discussions in Barrow and Foxfield, there was general agreement amongst many to fix the time of future Spring gatherings. 1e1 Sadly I won't be able to make Piel but let me know if you will be meeting up in town afterwards and I'll join you there Posted by: Ciaran April 22,2016Re Piel Island Friday. Friday 29th April at 11am in Barrow Town Hall is the re-dedication ceremony for the BGS War Memorial Boards, arranged by old boy, Keith Johnson.