This is the most awaited holiday of the year, which means that you don’t have to leave anything to chance.

Here are 6 ideas that will help you pick the perfect gift for a friend, a colleague, or a family member.

You can decide to go for the classics or the latest movies.

A book that pulled you out of a hard time, that changed your life, helped you find your love of reading or writing.

Whatever the reason may be, what is the one book you're thankful for?

With these, you give the receiver a gift that they can share with their friends or family.

With a movie set, you have a chance to make a choice for the receiver.

With tickets, you give the gift of live entertainment to your friends and family.

The New Year is a time that most families want to spend with their loved ones.

With time, movie box sets have slowly become a tradition during the holidays.

We just had Thanksgiving and it got me thinking about books and being thankful. But there are books that are good and books that are incredible. Books that no matter how many times you've read them, they never get old. The fiction book that you think ALL YA readers should read (or adult book)?

If you're visiting this blog, you're obviously a book lover. You can get something new from them with each read. Also, if you had to pick one book you're thankful for.