Harry Styles was spotted getting cozy with British model Daisy Lowe and supposedly there's something going on between the two!

Even though Harry still claims he's single, there might be some real magic brewing between the pair.

Trapped in America by the volcanic ash cloud, the couple joined forces with Jaime Winstone, Alexa Chung and Arctic Monkey Alex Turner and went on a road trip to the Joshua Tree National Park and Las Vegas. He is, at 27, the youngest ever Doctor Who, but he looks, to be quite honest, more like a baddie.

Back in the UK, Matt went to Glastonbury, where he joined Orbital onstage as they played his theme tune. He'd make a wonderful Steerpike, if they ever do again.

Daisy Lowe is taken, so that's out of the question.' Did he have an almighty crush before he even met her?

It's a big strong powerful universe and it's been here a lot longer than I have. When Smith first landed the job of Doctor Who last year, he made an offhand comment to a newspaper about Daisy Lowe, the face of Biba and former Agent Provocateur lingerie model, daughter of Primrose Hill den mother Pearl and rocker Gavin Rossdale.

I'm open to it, I'm not dismissive of anything.' He is going through a Doctorish phase of loving theories. Asked who or what he was looking for in a woman, he said: 'Oh gosh!

His deep-set eyes bore out of his skull like lasers, and his slightly pigeon-toed feet stick out sharply from a body that is all angles. He knows how sinister he can look because when I ask him if he'd like to play Shakespeare, he says, 'Yes, a really young, really evil Macbeth.' His hands are like some mad alchemist's: thin fingers adorned with chunky silver rings set with dark cloudy stones. 'I'll take that as a compliment.' (Later I overhear him telling our stylist that his girlfriend's sock drawer is 'an Aladdin's cave. Look, it suits you better than me.' His Time Lord is equally dandyish, and wears an identical pair of Russell & Bromley boots to the ones Smith has on today; there is more than a little blurring of boundaries going on here.

From his neck hangs a little antique compass on a long silver chain. Women's socks can come up trumps.') His rings, which he found 'in a wonderful little junk shop near the Paris Ritz, where you have to knock on the door', were inspired by Johnny Depp. ' Next he shows me his favourite hat, a grey trilby with a bright partridge feather in it. He can speak fluent Doctor, bursting into a gabbled improvisation inspired by the glass of water in front of him: 'The molecular structure of this glass is basically something that Saturn can't understand, so when you put it on the table a pink elephant comes into the room and starts doing a dance.

Matt Smith probably had the best summer of anyone on the planet. 'Writhing in the chair opposite me, plaiting and replaiting his long skinny legs, Matt Smith is a bundle of nervous tindersticks.

He received rave reviews across the board for his zany, professorial performance as Doctor Who and then he took off on holiday with his new girlfriend, the model Daisy Lowe, hitting the Amalfi coast, Ibiza and California's Coachella music festival. I thought: "This isn't going to happen to me ever again," ' he says, glazing over briefly. Brought up in Northampton, he has a flat yet fruity voice, and he is given to elaborate sentence constructions, such as 'if it is indeed the case' and 'I shall be sure to let you know'.