As this update is very resource intensive, if at the time of the update, the server load/traffic is above a certain level, the update will skip until the next evening.If, at anytime, you'd like us to manually update the statistics for your individual account, we're happy to do so upon a verified request.Hello Steve, Stats programs within the c Panel have been problematic at best for some time.

awstats not updating hostgator-44

Google Analytics Google Analytics is most recommended for getting your web statistics.

Google Analytics is an industry standard that gives you a large amount of information.

You can request us to run your stats by contacting support.

If you want real time statistics with less interruptions you can use Google Analytics.

We do apologize for this inconvenience as our Systems Support works on a long-term resolution to solve this problem.

The server is scheduled to update Statistics logs from its raw data each night during off-peak hours.

You can get specific information from specific time periods and includes excellent filtering tools to help you pinpoint exactly the data you need.

We do apologize for the inconvenience with the AWStats in c Panel and hope to have a permanent solution to this soon.

Google Analytics is a free service by Google that keeps track of all your web stats.