I think it’s so important for her to just feel like she can truly stand on her own.I love that she’s not pining after anyone right now — but there are things on the horizon.“[Last season] was all about her trying to find her comfort zone as a superhero.

Ashley Olsen and twin sister Mary-Kate Olsen--once known as the Olsen twins--are both dating much older men.

Might this be one of those 'twin' things like knowing when the other one is in pain or sad?

PHOTOSSupergirl First Look: Mon-El Goes Undercover (as Clark Kent 2.0? He likes going out and making out and hooking up and just being a dude,” Chris Wood told reporters during a recent visit to the show’s Vancouver set.

“He really strikes me as the kind of guy who has just always gotten away with it.

He is forty-five years old, making him seventeen years older than Mary-Kate.

It’s really lovely the way [that pans] out.” RELATEDSupergirl EP Reveals James’ Future as DC Comics’ Guardian, Explains Why He and Kara Are ‘Best as Friends’ And then there’s Guardian, James’ crime-fighting alter ego, whose big debut is now imminent.

Though the cast is required to stay relatively tight-lipped about Guardian’s arrival, Benoist says the audience “might be surprised by the way” Kara responds to him.

He’s never had to think about settling down or picking one girl to focus on. He’s never met somebody that wowed him like that, so it’ll take a second to wrangle and get him to calm down.” to wrangle him this week — his Clark Kent look comes courtesy of Supergirl, who treats him “like her personal Ken doll,” according to Melissa Benoist — but that doesn’t mean he’ll necessarily follow orders.

PHOTOSSupergirl First Look: Mehcad Brooks’ James Olsen Morphs Into Guardian At the very least, Benoist says this week’s episode “gives [Kara and Mon-El] a much broader profile to grow from as friends, as allies, even though they come from these warring planets.” As for the possibility of a new romance for Kara, following her uncomfortable split from James in the season premiere…