To demonstrate these findings, ABC's "Nightline" even conducted its own one-off study, strapping a Go Pro camera to a shopper and using facial tracking technology to monitor her mood.

According to the analysis, her eyes were alert and her mouth slightly open during a good buy, which the Michigan researchers say mirrors the effects of post-sex euphoria.

Shopping can be a struggle, but finding the right size at the right price feels like a moment of ecstasy.

Then, take out your calendars and pencil in a few romp sessions together.

Just because you plan for it, doesn't mean you can't have fun and be spontaneous leading up to and during your sexy time together.

You may want to hook up after the baby is down at night when your partner would prefer to do nothing but stare at the TV.

(Hopefully only one involves a financial transaction, though.) Dr.

Scott Rick and his team used facial tracking technology and brain scans to monitor shoppers in real time, making linkages between their emotions and brain activity, ABC News reports.

What the researchers found was evidence of pleasure activation from dopamine in the same region of the brain that drives the desire for sex. Basically, Rick explained that in order to observe these effects, the pleasure derived from the purchase has to outweigh the pain of the cost.This is why fast fashion shops like H&M and Forever 21 are particularly attractive to shoppers.But it's also true that sleep deprivation, busy schedules and lack of privacy means that many parents often crave a nap over nookie. Having a hot sex life when you're the parents of a baby (or babies) is possible..a little creativity.Tell your partner you miss being intimate with him/her and want to find windows of time to hook up.(Maybe that's why guys are finally getting in on the action?Sure, a recent survey showed that a number of couples are enjoying sex more than ever since becoming parents.