The images shown on this page are some of the most reliable individual signals.However, the use of a single signal by a woman does not indicate total attraction but is rather an indicator of interest.The lower lip is gently gripped by the teeth and with sensual slowness allowed to slip away.

If this wasn’t the case why do so many (male-orientated) lesbians shave their hair as a statement? It’s origins and the reasons why it works are still a mystery.

There is nothing like the Lower Lip Nibble to subconsciously give a man an injection of pure of testosterone.

There are literally dozens of ways that a woman uses her body language to communicate her interest and attraction to a man.

Reading female body language can be simple or complex but the real trick is recognising clusters and progressions.

(We don’t include fish, reptiles or birds in this analogy.) Long, flowing hair has always been a sign of feminine health and thus sexuality and child bearing ability.

By tossing her hair a woman is essentially saying: “look at me and my suitability. ” Long hair is feminine while short hair is masculine.Strangely, this is a powerful sex signal between women (lesbians) and is used by the submissive female to indicate interest in the dominant potential partner.Reading female body language has never been easier.For women, twirling or flicking their hair is a favourite flirting gesture.As the individual signals become more frequent, clustered and obvious, the more interested (or desperate) is the woman.For example it’s quite common for woman in a nightclub to be subtle in her signaling early in the evening but as the night progresses and she still hasn’t attracted a man these signals can become increasingly obvious. Other than a gene manipulated cat and near extinct shrew; there are no other mammals that are as hairless as humans.