I lined up on the field with the other freshmen waiting to charge. " Saxophone in hand, I ran full steam toward the middle of the field, but never particularly coordinated, I bumped into and tripped the short, spunky, curly-haired saxophonist in front of me. However, instead of the expected thud-crunch, she remarkably tucked herself into a ball and sprung back up from the ground, having performed a flawless judo roll while still playing her alto sax. Bill Lukewich '77 + Nancy Lewis '77 My wife and I met in September 1973 while Nancy was playing Ping-Pong in her dorm.

When I arrived I heard about this female who was beating everybody.

We asked for them, and you sent them: your stories of how you fell in love at Brown.

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Being the jock I was, I immediately challenged her to a game that eventually became nine games.

I think I did get a couple of points in one of the games.

I introduced her to some of my hockey teammates—two of whom she later dated—and told her she was more like a "sister" to me and that we could therefore never go out.

It was probably not the best pick-up move I ever made, but a few months later we started seeing each other.

On Halloween one year, she and my roommate hid on the stairs, and as I walked up, they grabbed my legs in the darkness.

It totally flipped me out and I started kicking, which of course enabled Nancy to do her patented somersaults down the carpeted stairs.

Joe Mac Dougald '87 + Lisa Cohen '87 On a dark night in my first full week of freshman year, I, Joe, showed up at field practice as a member of the marching band.

Not knowing what to expect, I harbored vague concerns about learning marching drills.

Instead the modestly organized chaos of the Brown band exploded in front of me as I drew near the field.

The on-field "formations" we practiced consisted of anatomical representations of questionable taste and unlikely proportion—all created while playing Sousa marches, school songs, or show tunes.

(She shows our children that move on occasion now too.) Later that night we went out to the second-floor balcony for a beer.