36 south (follow sign for Gateway National Recreation Area). Immediately following the drawbridge, an exit ramp to the right crosses back over Rt.

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Gunnison Beach, overlooked by the historic Sandy Hook Lighthouse, has dramatic views of lower Manhattan and the Verrazano Narrows Bridge.

Nearly two miles of Gunnison Beach is legally recognized as clothing-optional, with official signs and full lifeguard and U. Park Ranger protection; it is the largest clothing-optional beach on the Atlantic coast of the US, and draws more than 5,000 visitors per day on most sunny summer weekends.

The High school is less than a 1/4 of a mile from Gunnison beach.

Soooooo, being a Jersey native and Shore boy my entire life I always sported a full body tan and made a lot of good friends while I was at the beach.

Once there I was impressed, good crowd, friendly people.

I felt relaxed, like being in a locker room at the gym (Expect for the woman of course).Garden State Parkway Continue south on Garden State Parkway.(When Parkway divides, use either the Express or Local lanes, whichever is better for traffic conditions.) Take Exit 117 onto State Rt. Nearing the shore, watch for sign " Sandy Hook / Gateway National Recreation Area next right" just before a drawbridge.Gunnison Beach is one of several beaches located on Sandy Hook, a six-mile-long peninsula at the north end of the New Jersey shore, extending into New York Harbor.Sandy Hook, a unit of Gateway National Recreation Area, is known for exceptional beaches, wildlife, and fishing.Really enjoyed the freedom For a Monday there was a good crowd. Met some great people and even Bob who claimed he was a force in getting the beach to be clothing optional… Would love to meet others from the area there!