We don’t see it that way, because they’re not the sexy parts.

“We’re not giving those women enough credit for what they’re accomplishing, which is beautiful performances.” Solidarity among women is one of the themes of the new comedy The Other Woman, in which Diaz plays Carly, a lawyer who discovers that her charismatic boyfriend Mark (the Game of Thrones star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) is married.

She bonds with his wife, Kate (Leslie Mann), and together they discover a third woman in his life (the supermodel Kate Upton in her first substantial acting role).

“It’s about the way these women get through that heartbreak and move forward.

“I can’t wait to be older,” she says with an ear-to-ear dimpled smile.

It’s an unusual thing to hear from an A-lister in Hollywood, where the cult of youth still rules supreme, though Diaz sees it differently.

“This is something we really need to reframe,” she says.

“The most interesting parts are for women who are over 40.

The trio set about taking revenge, spiking his drink with laxatives and replacing his shampoo with hair-removal cream.

Set in New York, the Hamptons and the Bahamas and directed by Nick Cassavetes (The Notebook), the film is lavish and summery and full of slapstick and glamorous clothes. “This film lets people know that women can champion one another, they don’t have to be competitive,” she insists.