sexually) involved with one another, it would cause the death of someone in their Circle.

In reality, Blackwell faked the curse to stop Adam and Cassie from being together because their love would be too strong and would lead them to leave the Circle, thus breaking their collective power.

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The two are most commonly known as Cadam (for Cassie and Adam) but it is also rarely called Cam (Cassie and Adam).

Before Adam and Cassie met, Adam's father Ethan Conant was in love with Cassie's mother Amelia Blake.

We are initially told that they dated at one point, but Amelia met John Blackwell, and in the end, Amelia chose Cassie's father over Ethan, thus making Ethan depressed.

Although in actuality she chose Ethan and they both tried to kill Blackwell.

Adam saves Cassie from a car fire caused by Faye by mentally extinguishing the flames and takes Cassie home at the insistence of Diana.

It is later revealed by Blackwell, that there was a curse surrounding the Blakes and Conants.

If a member of each family became romantically (i.e.

Adam instantly connects with Cassie when they first meet, although neither act on their feelings due to Adam's three year long relationship with Diana.

After Diana invites Cassie to the Boathouse Bar and Grill, where Adam works, he stops a conversation from going too far between Cassie and his father and he reintroduces himself.

Ethan tells Cassie that Cassie's family and Adam's family are "written in the stars".

So, the love that he once felt for Cassie's mother is destined to be repeated in Cassie's relationship with Adam.