Take in the positive and friendly vibe amongst all hikers.

The farm houses birds in various stages of life, from day-old hatchlings to 30-year-old egg-laying hens.

Plan your visit, knowing that mating happens in the early morning and egg-laying takes place from 4 to 7pm.

Our trip was full of fascinating factoids about these flightless birds that are native to Africa.

Over 300 big birds roam about in their pens at The Ostrich Showfarm Desaru (Teluk Ramunia, Kota Tinggi).

So we made a special trip for my son to get acquainted with these gigantic birds.

No longer the sleepy backwater of Southern Malaysia, Johor is transforming into a beehive of activity, giving residents and visitors plenty to do and experience.

For part two of the Explore Johor feature, here are some more of the area’s delightful pursuits. Take a hike up Gunung Pulai via a tarred trail, just 19km from JB town.

Capture photos of reptiles, butterflies and the beautiful emerald trees. It’s great terrain to train and build up your stamina.”See these natural-born peckers in a kampung environment. But don’t fret, we volunteered our curled fingers for a pecking experiment and felt no pain.

I come here with my family almost every weekend for the exercise. These feathery friends peck up to 1,500 times a day. Apparently, this pecking fetish of theirs is quite harmless.