The height also makes it difficult to carry, making you sweat when hauling it between gigs.

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The blackfaces have more growl and a distorted, cranked tone.

It is heavy to carry with the 4×10″ speakers and massive iron transformers.

Summary The AB763 Super Reverb is a very popular Fender amp due to the huge tone, robustness and the pure tone from the traditional blackface AB763 amp design.

The AB763 design is also to be found in some silverface amps between 19.

The nature of the 4×10″ speaker configuration is a directional tone with screaming treble right forwards and backwards and unfortunately little spread.

A lot of deep bass is produced by the bigt cabinet while the important mids are fairly low, a scooped tone.

You are allowed to turn the volume beoynd 4 where the amp comes alive.

Playing the Super Reverb is not supposed to be easy…

Despite all the difficultness with this amp there will occasionally be gigs, perhaps outdoors or at a big stage, where the amp won’t hurt anyone in a radius of 3 meters.

Many players are stupid and increase the volume to compensate for the lack of spread and mids.

This will introduce even more bass and sharp treble.