The real-life residents say they are more often referred to as "first-years," not interns, as the show calls them. Any significant others/spouses of med students/residents/etc. ) because I realized that Stephen's love and support was unconditional.

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It's really lonely up here all by myself." And that stayed with me. I am alone while he is: in clinic,in the OR,in meetings,in conference calls,rounding,dictating,charting,scheduling,speaking with patients,speaking with patients' families,attends conferences,attends M&M's,attends board meetings,meets with colleagues,meets with administrators,mentors residents,meets with attorneys,meets with bio tech execs,meets with engineers,takes call,etcetera,etcetera. I married for love, for his companionship, for a life partner.

If you accept any of the above as fact, you have officially bought into the medical mythologies of ABC's wildly popular dramedy "Grey's Anatomy," which follows a group of surgical interns in their first year of surgical residency.

But first-year internal medicine and surgical residents here say the show gives an overly glamorous glimpse into hospital life.

True med heads face limited on-the-job socializing and fewer opportunities to spring into emergency action.

Though a number of the "Grey's" characters share screen time and even living space, real first-year residents rarely work with or see one another at the hospital, say Chicago residents who talked to Red Eye.

While I couldn't do my husband's job, he couldn't do mine, either.

He couldn't deal with the loneliness of being a doctor's wife.

That night I laid in bed and stretched myself beyond my usual confines sprawling myself across the entire mattress. back to school nights, Christmas pagents,teacher's conferences,back to school bbq,end of school bbq,school auctions,graduation festivities,endless kids' sporting games,couples business dinners,family functions,parties,double dates,vacations, Yes, I live a life separate from my husband. I'll hold my gripes inside, fearing the judgment I know I would be met with... And when I dwell on that sentiment, it does make me lonely. Just like I could never be a doctor, my husband could never be a doctor's wife.

His career is demanding of his time and attention leaving me ALONE. And yet, I find myself working hard to stifle the loneliness.

Each week, the unusually good-looking young doctors help uncover rare diseases and solve complex medical traumas.

And in between saving lives, they have plenty of time to hook up.