But at the same time, it can be the women I was interested in and tended to rely on the Platonic Best Friend Backdoor Gambit as my way of trying to get laid or find relationships.

I'll admit, my friends have said this to me before: "You're too picky," etc.

Even worse were the near-misses, the people who seemed amazing but disappeared into the ether after a handful of dates, or the Crouching Stud, Hidden Douchebags who seemed great at first glance but proved to be assholes in disguise.

There were the dates that were so bad they crushed the soul, the long parade of assholes, game-players and just plain toxic individuals who would be better off buried in unmarked landfills inscribed with dire warnings to alert future generations to the dangers.

Sure, I want someone intelligent, kind, attractive, successful, employed, with a good sense of humor. Usually he is, and often you float into a nice little three-month affair. ) And then I started to notice that the only people who were contacting me through Nerve were fat guys; old guys; guys who lived in geographically unreasonable places like Canada; guys who wrote in all caps and all textual abbreviations (like WTF OMG LOL DM!

And generally I don't hit it off with people who aren't creative in some way, if only in their thinking. I swear that all I really want is to find someone I dig — who's gonna dig me back.. ); and, perhaps most sadly, guys I'd already declined to meet up with (or respond to). But now that I'd tapped out Nerve's resources, how the hell else was I going to meet people? Many times.) And I go to bars and parties fairly often, and occasionally meet a dude in one of those places ...

And a few days ago, when I got some monthly Nerve newsletter, in which of the half dozen or so men in the "featured profiles" section were guys I'd already dated, I took my Nerve profile down. I work from home, so it's not like I can have an office crush even if I wanted to. but more often than not, I of chatting up some random guy — and never do.None of my friends know any cute single guys they might be able to set me up with. Instead, I stay in a corner shyly talking to whatever friend I'm there with.I was considering all that when the idea came to me: Maybe I should make it my mission to meet at least one new dude every time I go out — or at least once a week. They couldn’t stand it: the frustrations of trying to find the right person, the disappointment of another “close-but-no-cigar” first date that went absolutely nowhere.Now I’ll be the first to tell you that dating is hard.It can be frustrating and time-consuming and there will be dates that make you believe that the dating pool needs a Herculean dose of chlorine before you’ll ever step foot into it again.