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These Visagoths are sometimes hard to spot as they usually wear summery clothes to 'fit in' but if they have black eyeliner or studs through their lips you'll know them - they are the most secretive Goths but remember to check if they have valid Visas.

The South American Fascist state of Chile is under a false impression that they are of Gothic ancestry, but don't tell that to the Swedes or they will kick their Neo-Nazi brown mestizo butts in the most severe fashion. Gawff- the common status of Goths, and by far the most numerous.

They are such non-conformists that given the absence of traditional Anti-Goth enemies, they are known to turn on themselves and engage in civil in-fighting. Übergoths - These are the true patriots of the Gothic way.

They will dress to the nines just to go out to get some milk at two in the morning (however, this is not early for them as Übergoths do not need to sleep. Eldergoths and the Goði - These ancient ones were often once Übergoths, and usually date back to the Mid or early 80's, the oldest of whom even go back to the late 70's.

the Goths went forth from the bosom of the island of Gothisatani with Berik, their king, sailing in only three ships toward the hither shore of Ocean, namely to Raidgothikland.

One of these three ships proved to be slower than the others, as is usually the case, causing the crew of that ship to burst into hysterical whining, and thus is said to have given the Emo tribe, the whimpy offshoot of the Gothic tribe, their name, from in their language "Imawuss" which means 'Miserables Degenerates'".Are usually farmers of gawffmuffins, a which is their main source of trade. Gothic Warriors - The backbone of the Gothic military force, they often spend their time battling Mallgoths, fools or the Prepæ and especially Chavi, often by leaving their local nightclub home and invading a Mall.They are very organized, few can escape them with their dignity intact.They survive on a combination of black coffee, cigarettes and narcotics). They usually don't leave their castles and live wise hermit-like lives, writing poetry as well as reading Poe and Lovecraft, in between throwing obscure quotations about left right and center, whilst hiding the beergut acquired from their younger clubbing ways. Kindergoths - Kindergoth, or Gothling, is the name for a child in the Gothic lands; they are sometimes affectionately known as Baby Bats.Once in their new homes, the Goths soon lost what little unity they had and became bitter rivals trying to prove that their group were 'True Goths' and the others were really Crap-Saddo Couturists .By the 1990s the Goths were divided into separate sub-tribes; the Romantigoths are found most commonly within Victorian England or between the pages of a particularly rambling poetry book, the Deathrockigoths lived in their local club (only ever found to be venturing out of their natural habitat in the instance of a large fire or natural disaster), The Tradi-Goths living in The Great Batcave (Infamous for their big hair and pointy boots), Pagan-Goths living in Lalaland, and the Minigothic kingdom was made in China.