This is a hard concept for most men, but most of learning to attract hot women is about what is going on in your own head.You will learn tactics, and actual words that match common situations, but the goal is not to be able to regurgitate these lines back at the appropriate time.The subconscious unquestioningly accepts everything that reaches it.

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But as you practice it, pieces will fall into place. At this point, you will start picking up on more and more of women’s subtle clues. Alpha men with the inner game nailed, the ones who get it (as in understand the mating dance) are instantly accepted by women, while men who don’t get it are instantly rejected (and don’t get any, as in sex). Your mind has two components: The conscious and the subconscious.

The conscious mind is the rational, logical, analytical, thinking part of the mind.

The conscious mind is constantly taking in information from the five senses, then it uses logic and reason to analyze the inputs and comes to conclusions about whether the input is true or false.

Inner game is the coined phrase for what is happening inside your mind.

Your eyes, body and voice subtlety communicate to those around you how you feel about yourself.

All the data programmed into your subconscious “computer” through the conscious is accepted and assumed to be true.It doesn’t matter whether the data is actually true or false.No, the goal is to get you seeing and feeling the world differently.To learn how to have a powerful controlled inner game which will naturally demonstrate your Alpha side.The subconscious is the part of the mind responsible for storing data (memory), for automatic behavior (habits), reflexes and autonomic functions of the body such as digestion, breathing and circulation.It’s important to note that unlike the conscious mind, the subconscious mind does not “think.” It is entirely deductive in nature, which means it works like a computer.