Just don’t give the grisly details about your ex-spouse’s flaws or your knock-down-drag-out divorce.“Present a past marriage in a positive light—that you learned from it, came away with new skills, developed in new areas,” says Carle.

dating rules for women over 40-37

Passé policy: Don’t date anyone significantly older or younger than you New rule: Don’t be hung up on your age—it’s irrelevant “Age is a matter of attitude, energy and outlook more than chronology,” says sociologist .

“Look for someone who is compatible in those dimensions, and forget about the numbers.” More important to compatibility than actual age is life stage: If you’re ready to slow down in your career and the person you met is just getting started, that could be a problem.

You’ve spent years developing a stimulating social life, and chances are the same goes for the person you’re dating, so there’s no reason to keep them separated. “You can learn a lot about someone by seeing how he or she interacts with friends,” says relationship expert Deborah Taj Anapol, Ph. “And when you bring your date into your social circle, you can reap the benefit of your friends’ impressions and opinions.

It’s easy to be blinded by infatuation, so it’s good to get input on your date from those close to you.” Passé policy: Don’t mention a previous marriage—you’ll come off like damaged goods New rule: Feel free to bring up a former marriage in positive terms Your former marriage was a large part of your life, so there’s no reason to avoid the topic.

“Divorce stories are simply data, and the more data you get, the better decision you can make about the person.” Passé policy: Nothing beats getting dressed up and going out to a lovely dinner New rule: Don’t define a date as sitting across from someone over candlelight and lobster Sure, you’ve got to eat, but there are plenty more interesting (not to mention romantic) things to do.

Since you’re trying to get to know this person, the whole façade of gussying up for a fancy meal can feel like a front for some people.

So, whether you’re just re-entering the dating scene after a divorce or simply want to approach it in a way that makes sense for the person you are now and the world you live in, these tips can help.

They tweak tradition (or throw it right out the window) so you’re guaranteed the dating success you deserve at this point in your life!

More casual activities — going bowling, hitting some galleries, taking a walk in the park — can help you see someone’s true nature.