I know that once I am ready, I can’t help but run into exactly the type of woman I envisioned. It’s always worked for my clients who have employed this strategy as well.

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This method boils down to having a clear list of the perfect woman you want, and practicing infinite patience and belief that eventually the universe will orchestrate a divine coincidence or synchronicity. However, for the novice or someone just now starting to learn and apply what I teach, the fear that they will never meet someone can be overwhelming.

You must have also gotten very good at interacting with and seducing women in order to get the necessary experience to realize the truth that beautiful women who like you are everywhere.

I’m going to reveal to you the top five ways to meet more women, the pros & cons to each way & how to improve your skills/success with women.

The key to successfully employing the principles I teach in my book, my audio course, my videos, my articles and newsletter, is to choose the methods that you feel most comfortable with.

Because after all, this is about your journey to improving your life by learning from my example, but not trying to be me. I have clients who love to walk up to total strangers just for the thrill to see if they can seduce them.

I have other clients who don’t have much of a social life, but they love online dating.2) Passive Approach: The passive approach is similar to way #1 above in that you let women come to you, but you put yourself in places and exhibit the proper physiology and energy that will cause women to approach you first.Not only are they everywhere, but you know exactly what to do in order to seduce them.I would say this method of attracting the perfect woman is for advanced users only.So here is my first and most favorite method of attracting the kind of women I want: 1) Fate/Intended Coincidences/Synchronicity/Law of Attraction: As I talked about in my article how to attract the perfect woman, once you know what you are looking for as you go about living your life, you will notice more and more women who physically match the criteria you have written down describing your ideal, or future love.This method is very challenging for people who are needy, insecure, unsure of themselves, who have a scarcity mindset or those who believe in the illusion of action.