It is worth considering that sexual arousal is individually and each person it is manifested in different ways.Consequently, the approach should be individualized .

For example, some just went crazy with the bristles , and for others, this fact is annoying .

In principle , a woman can initiate anything , it is desirable to where she said she likes to be touched .

If you learn this secret, "play" on women's weaknesses will be much easier.

Women - a special tool which must be " set " , with the help of male hands.

Otherwise, it " breaks " and the dual pleasure of hard to say .

The girl in this situation is very comfortable to give you the unspoken permission to touch her, but of course a lot to mind first start to clean your hands , say no - but that's nothing.

In this position , you can take the time to gradually arousing her to the point of complete readiness and consent to anything you want .

In the communication process needs a lot of compliments to whisper in your ear , do not forget to kiss her neck - a unique erogenous zone of most women.

Use the pick-up piece - "Miracle Chair " - the girl sit on a chair , put it in between her legs and start to watch movies on the computer, this pickup gives access to the reception of a woman's body , and hence its excitation , start slowly stroking her , to touch, to smell your hair , kissing her neck, gradually increasing the degree of valve and lapaya more interesting places .