In the documentary "Dark Girls," black women share their deeply personal stories of prejudice and candid thoughts on skin tone, revealing controversial insights into the struggles and self-esteem issues dark-skinned women experience throughout the world.

But these women aren't the only people featured in the film.

There’s Charles Boyer and Maurice Chevalier if you’re a fan of old films. And having had long distance relationships, French-American style – I’ll just say they were transcontinentally divine, and the friendships that remain, even more sublime.

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Adding to the big picture, "Dark Girls" also includes the perspectives of white men who married black women.

Is their decision to marry a dark-skinned woman a conscious choice?

Perhaps you prefer a dashing Alain Delon (divine), or Jean Réno (ruggedly scrumptious). The good: , and the experience of who you meet and the context you find usual. I am an American by birth, was married to a European (not French), and while I won’t claim to have a representative sample (I’m a busy woman, after all), I Of course there are wonderful men and women everywhere, and likewise, more than a few who won’t be your type. But the French men I’ve called loved ones, lovers, and friends are so delectable, wry, charming, genuine, and sexy – adore a good argument.

And I confess there’s definite appeal to the likes of Romain Duris (for the younger crowd) or Jean-Marc Barr (for any age). So if you love your language skills, get ready for some serious attention to linguistic intention.

What could be better than a wonderful Côtes du Rhône in hand, and conversation shared with a friend in France? I mean no disrespect to the many remarkable gentlemen in my own country, but I feel compelled to express why French men are utterly irresistible, making a delightful excursion to Tish’s place, A Femme d’un Certain Age, where I offer my thoughts on this subject.

That friend is a journalist who writes with a refined eye and wicked wit on all things stylish and oh-so French. And here, I permit myself a slightly racier version.

For one white man, hip-hop author and journalist Soren Baker, he consciously knew he was attracted to black women.

As Baker explains in this video from "Dark Girls," his interest in dating outside his own race is something that reaches back as early as his days as a young student -- and was never an issue within his own family."I remember distinctly a conversation I had with my father when I was in elementary school," Baker says.

"I did realize that I was attracted to -- in more than a social way -- women of all ethnicities.