Protestants, (though not all of them) disagree with our Catholic practice of baptizing infants.They usually wait until a child is between 8 and 12 to baptize, reasoning that the child will know and understand what is happening and be able to claim Christ for themselves. And we Catholics, who supposedly teach salvation through works (we do not), baptize infants who can work no work.

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Further, there seems little sense among the faithful today that an unbaptized infant would be excluded from heaven.

As regards the last point, I think it is pastorally sound to trust in God’s mercy for infants who die before baptism.

There is a trend that has set up for years now, and that is that Catholics are waiting many months to get their children baptized.

I suspect that what we have here is a combination of a much lower infant mortality rate and, also, a less fervent practice of the faith by many.

All of the children who can answer for themselves, let them answer.

(CCC # 1250) So it seems clear that a higher priority should be given to scheduling the baptism of babies within the first few weeks after birth.Protestant practice departs from the received Tradition – Another factor for American Catholics is that many are influenced by the Protestants.But, I hope you see the supreme irony of this in the fact that the Protestants, who so emphasize that salvation does not come from works, delay baptism on the grounds that the infant has not achieved (i.e. Novelty – Indeed, the Protestant denominations (mostly Baptists (another irony), Pentecostals, Fundamentalist and Evangelicals) who refuse baptism to infants, engage in a novelty unknown to the Church until recent times.It is a simple historical fact that the Church has always baptized infants. For example the Apostolic Tradition written about 215 A. has this to say: The children shall be baptized first.However, I do not think it follows that we ought to disregard or substantially delay a sacrament which Jesus commands, and which the Church indicates ought not to be delayed.The Code of Canon Law says the following: Parents are obliged to see that their infants are baptised within the first few weeks.