Exudate can be distressing for the patient, cause tissue damage and reduce quality of life.

Inappropriate wound management and dressing selection can also contribute to the problem and lead to delayed healing.

Thankfully all three spots were in the same spots as the previous times.

I have been walking around too much, mostly yesterday evening when I got back on the moto and drove down to Phnom Kraom to shoot some photos.

As part of the normal healing process wounds release fluid (or exudate).

It’s like that it lots of developing countries around the globe, I just didn’t know how real it was until leaving America for the first time a few years ago.

Marla and I went and purchased some copies of coloring pages today from our local copy store friend. The kids (at our Hard Places Community center in Siem Reap) are using the pages now, and there are new smiles on their faces.

I had to ditch (basically jump off of) my moto two days ago because the accelerator was stuck and I was near a car.

I have wrecked the moto three times in the 13 months we have lived in Cambodia, and this time gave me a decent amount of road rash.

I’m looking forward to starting some photography classes for a few of them on Monday.

Nerve endings are protected - reducing pain - and skin layers repair at a faster rate producing less scarring than in dry wounds.