A book written in Vienna is Austrian, but written in German. People in Rio have Brazilian customs, but speak Portuguese.

One Syllable Ends in 'ish' Ends in 'ish' Ends in 'ian' or 'ean' Pronunciation Chart Common Mistakes People speak Dutch, but live in Holland or Belgium People live in Austria, but speak German.

Sometimes people say, "She speaks France." or "I am from French." This is an easy mistake to make as countries, nationalities and languages are very similar.

The chart below shows the Country, Language and Nationality of many major countries from around the world.

This list covers English language country names with their etymologies.

Some of these include notes on indigenous names and their etymologies.

Therefore, Afghanistan translates to the "Afghan-land; place of the Afghans" in the nation's official languages, Pashto and Dari.

It is said that the word 'Afghanistan' is derived from two Sanskrit words, first is avagāṇa (Sanskrit: अवगाण) which was used by the Indian astronomer Varahamihira in his Bṛhat Saṃhitā in the 6th century Arbëri, its medieval endonym: "Land of the Albanians" in Albanian, presumably from the same source as above by way of rhotacism.

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Countries in italics are endonyms or no longer exist as sovereign political entities.

The root name "Afghan" has been used historically in reference to the Pashtuns and the ending suffix -stan means "place of" in the local languages.