When I told her I don't want her to go, she suggested I come too. People in a relationship do not go on dates or first meets with other people -- not even "pretend" dates. As far as inviting you when you said you were against it, that's weird too.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... If you stay at home alone, you will resent her for it. She will likely be flirting back a little and enjoying the attention. we support our girlfriends but I don't think I would ask a friend who is in a relationship to do this... I could be skewed because I don't like the whole idea of speed dating anyway... What I find strange is your girlfriend being asked by her girlfriend, when this friend knows she's in a relationship already.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Ask for her speed dating card afterwards and tear it up if you're that worried about it. Your girlfriend will be at a table by herself for an hour or two -- she will NOT be sitting next to her friend during the event. That's like asking a married person to participate in speed dating. If this friend was going on a traditional date, would she need a chaperone to tag along on the date? Is your girlfriend suppose to participate in the speed dating? I see a red flag ( if your version is accurate):"She has been upfront about it - she told me that she is going."What a normal couple would do is discuss it and sew if there's a problem with it.

It depends - Is she participating in the speed dating event or simply accompanying her friend to the event, waiting off to one side and then leaving ? I'm not sure I would like my partner doing something like this but there are a whole lot of variables to this question. Initially I don't know that I'd like it either, but when she's been upfront and even invited you to go with her, that's the point where you are overreacting. You are afraid her pseudo-flirting will lead to her becoming interested in someone else.

There has to be something more happening to cause you to worry. Are you being distrustful and cloying and smothering her with your insecurity...

My girlfriend is going speed dating to support a friend. you might want to check her phone though to make sure she didn't put those numbers in there. there is an outside chance that in 5 minutes she totally got down on some other guy. There is no one and nothing for her to support when it starts. These are called dates for a reason but in POF terminology they are probably more like a bunch of first meets. I have never tried speed dating, so I don't know if a person has to go through the motion of setting up 3 min chats with each prospect or not... I can't imagine it being a spectator sport and allowing people to just show up and gawk at the daters. A person in a good relationship wouldn't just announce she's attending a speed dating event. The girlfriend seems just as anxious to attend this as her friend.

She has been upfront about it - she told me that she is going and she is coming to my place straight after. But they are a bunch of one-on-one interactions between your girlfriend and single guys. Girlfriend going to motel to get laid to support friend. Who knows-maybe it was your girlfriend's idea to begin with.

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Is she supporting someone who is a good friend and who in your view needs that support ? If you are a couple who are established and if you trust her, then why are you asking the question of whether you should be worried ?

I think you should go with her, then when she see's you laughing and enjoying your chats with the other girls there she'll know how it feels for you to see her sitting and laughing with other men. If she really valued the relationship, why would she even want to go someplace where flirting is the name of the game? Speed dating events are not designed for the non-single.

The big one for me is whether she's participating or accompanying. If she invited you along then clearly she is only going for the reasons she has told you. After all you are here on a dating site behind her back? Or is she being selfish in not understanding your obvious discomfort or putting her relationship with you before her friend's?