You'll be rewarded with an isolated beach populated by naked Italians. While Red Beach gets its name from the rusty color of the sand, here's a better fun fact: A naked Frenchman camped out here for five years in the '90s -- carving animals and faces into the limestone -- until the locals expelled him for being a bit too creepy. That's right, it was none other than President Fran├žois Hollande.Since it's technically part of an award-winning naturist campsite, Valalta's almost two-mile beach has something most others lack: adequate shade to keep your chestnuts from roasting.

As we've already shared our favorite nude beaches in the US (and then, again, in the Bay Area) and outlined the rules of nudist resorts, here's our list of the 10 most sizzling seaside spots around the globe to soak up the sun, au naturel.

This small shoreline's a far cry from the Riviera's tourist-packed beaches, but well worth the short trek through a pitch-black tunnel (don't forget a flashlight) in the mountainous Cinque Terre region. Pit: You might fall to your death attempting to reach it.

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