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The British don't like African immigrants very much, but their women like our d! So perish the thought because after 23rd of June, there might be mass exodus from the UK by Africans.

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We will release a statement soon.” The university’s spokesperson‚ Herman Esterhuizen‚ told EWN that “there is no fire at the moment” and said its cause was unknown. @divhambelemaano asked: “Where does this culture of burning our key service structures inherited from? The latter two hashtags referred to schools in Limpopo that were torched recently and the Vaal University of Technology where operations were cancelled following a fire attack last week. @Elias Chinemore said: “I have no respect for those who burnt down our Schools & Varsity‚what’s going on South Africa? Wake up, you are not in that island with horrible weather called Britain.

#UJFire trended in Johannesburg with many users seeming to suspect protesting students for the blaze. @tmadiba wanted to know: “Excuse my ignorance but what is the protest about? That mampara called skwama knows nothing about SA football that is why he is always talking about boring English football.

Sundowns won the league and its still representing SA in Africa Hahahahahaha!!!

When the British vote to leave the EU, I might be evicted/deported also.We will release a statement soon.”What complete and utter IJITS!How do you celebrate your own education going up in flames ?!?!?The Sanlam Auditorium on the University of Johannesburg’s Kingsway campus burned down overnight.The campus’ Student Representaive Council took to Twitter — UJ Kingsway SRC ?How stupid do you now have to be in order to get accepted into a university?