It would take approximately 34,506,455 years to play through every single i Phone game on the App Store.

The App Store is crammed with gaming goodies to keep thumbs busy, but not all i Phone games are born equal - which is why we've done the difficult job of playing through as many games as humanly possible in order to tell you which are best.

After many trials and tribulations, we arrived at the list you're about to dive into: the best games you can enjoy on your i Phone today.

), try Frutorious HD for something that’s somewhat familiar, but with far more spark and heart.

The story is that an evil skull’s turned all the protagonist’s friends into fruits, and so he must bound up vertically scrolling levels, making use of handy levitating platforms and cannons to collect fruit and avoid various nasties ambling about.

The result is a charming and challenging title that’s among the best of its kind on mobile.

Harking back to classic console adventures, Vulture Island dumps a trio of friends on an island and then wryly says: “Get out of this one, then.”Although there’s plenty of leaping about suspended platforms, this isn’t a fast-paced Mario-style effort.

Slingshotting cartoon characters across your i Phone’s screen is a popular gaming pursuit.

But if you’ve become bored rigid of catapulting miffed avians at kleptomaniac hogs (and, let’s face it, who hasn’t?

The retro bit isn’t only found in the visuals, with their eye-searing colors, and oddball screen names, but also the nature of the layouts.