In some ways, it's like abusing and disrespecting your body." However, she was the one who met her mate in the most casual of circumstances.

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He left his wife and got into a live-in relationship with the new woman, only to find out later on in life that they had serious problems.

I am a middle aged Overseas Chinese who is seeking a Long Term Relationship with Mr. If you are 40-59 years old, single/divorced, expat, who is looking for Intellectual Stimulation plus a lot more....

A conversation with someone you just met at a pub could turn intimate and there are chances that you might even get lucky if things turn a little romantic.

And, if a recent study is to be believed, one-night stands are increasingly turning into meaningful relationships.

I have a great variety of interests: foreign languages, cuisine, music, movies, travel etc. Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get!

If the same people were to get involved with a stranger or acquaintance, the odds increase by 30% for women and 43% for men."To have a meaningful relationship out of a one-night stand is absolutely wishful thinking and many people are in denial," says Sanjana, a graduate and regular party-goer, "A one-night stand can be dangerous as it increases the chances of contracting sexually transmitted diseases — not the best thing to happen, especially when one is merely looking for fun." The 'friends with benefits' concept has also been in existence for long, and although it is based on sexual gratification, which can be temporarily fulfiling, a mature mind stops one from being part of the game.Rhea, a visual artist, who believes in being sexually experimental, says, "Having sex with random men gives one a liberated feel initially.But the down side of this behaviour is that after some time, it backfires and gives one a feeling of worthlessness.However, Rhea might have been lucky, and although a random hook-up at a bar does have the potential to turn into a passionate relationship, some relationship experts say it's not really the best idea.Clinical psychologist, Seema Hingorrani says, "Often, sexual intimacy leads the couple to believe that they can have a good relationship as well. In situations like this, it's best to tread carefully as it affects the lives of several people." Recalling a real-life situation, Seema says, "There was this man who was married but had a one-night stand with a woman and then wanted to marry her.