Adams House, a local landmark located in Bethlehem, NY, has had a long and varied history.First built in 1838 by Nathaniel Adams, the founder of Bethlehem’s Delmar hamlet, the Greek Revival has been home to the town hall, volunteer fire department, post office, and most recently, NYSARC.As is true of every close-knit cultural group that enjoys a history, traditions and habits particular and peculiar to it, conversations among Chabad Chasidim are typically peppered with terms that have meanings particular and peculiar to it.

The room he booked was taken, and no area hotel had any availability.

With nowhere to go, he spent the night in a hotel lobby, and told himself that he’d never move to Belgrade. The need for vibrancy and growth vs the desire to preserve the historic came head to head when Chabad at the University of Wisconsin sought permission to demolish an old house on its property.

Rabbi Arieh Raichman, Chabad representative to Manaus, Brazil, has been chewing on this conundrum for some time now.

In 2011, Aleph Institute established the Aleph Institute Jonathan Stampler Camp Fund, giving children of incarcerated parents the chance to attend Jewish summer camp by offering generous subsidies and scholarships.

This October, after nearly a year of vacancy, Adams House’s newest inhabitants moved in.

The latest in a long string of prestigious institutions, Bethlehem Chabad now calls Adams House their home.No one could say how the City of Madison’s planning commission would finally decide the motion.What’s a Chabad rabbi to do if he wants to help Jews in the in the Amazon Rainforest keep kosher?A new third-party study on Chabad’s impact on Jewish students at American college campuses challenges Jewish philanthropic organizations to take a closer look at how their charitable giving measures up and where their investments yield the most significant returns.On his first visit to Belgrade, Rabbi Yehoshua Kaminetsky was stranded.As head of the Mossad, Israel’s national intelligence agency, Yossi Cohen’s routine is anything but humdrum.