We have been in the positive phase throughout this early season.

However computer models that predict the phases of the Arctic oscillation are strongly indicating a dip into the negative phase, just the opposite of the warm phase.

Arctic Oscillation, which is the measure of Arctic air penetrating south into the United States during the winter season.

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The trio of Metro cities, Philadelphia, NYC, and Boston set all-time record highs for the month of December.

In all my 28 years of forecasting for the East Coast, I could never remember being so bored, but when I'm bored, most of you are happy as the weather is in a tranquil state.

The return of the negative phase will lead to the return of polar air into the Northeast.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Our new weekly column, Bolaris's Weather Watch, marks the return of longtime Metro contributor John Bolaris.

He was the chief meteorologist for several television stations in New York and Philadelphia.

My long range winter forecast, which I put out in early November, predicted a very mild November and December with no snow, due to numerous weather factors, but a record-setting El-Niño the top one.

For those of you who were snow-shocked last winter (I’m talking to you, Boston, with 108.6 inches of snow) and decided on a Bill Belichick defensive scheme to outsmart Old Man Winter this season with a blue chip snowplow, a couple of back-up generators and a shifty bag of salt, we all know that stuff is sitting on the bench gathering dust in your garage. The meteorological pendulum is about to swing back towards winter as the Northern Hemisphere global pattern is under going a massive change.1.

The lack of high pressure ridging along the Pacific Northwest coast is transforming into a building ridge (a tremendous mountain of air).

This will allow for the polar jet to start to dive southward east of the Rockies funneling in the very first Arctic blast of the season.2.

Residents of the Northeast from Philadelphia to New York City to Boston were asking the same question through the entire month of December: "Where the hell is winter?

" Record high temperatures were not only broken, they were annihilated all along the Northeast corridor.