Motor powered launches provide regular passenger services for locals and tourists alike, but the same experience in a covered country boat is far more pleasurable and authentic.


After coming to the States, Rachel taught English as a Second Language, tutored students at Santa Barbara City College and Azusa Pacific College (now Azusa Pacific University), and directed drama at the University of California at Santa Barbara.

Like so many of Rachel’s students and the institutions she partnered with, the speech, drama, and communications department at Azusa Pacific appreciated her unique approach and valued her input.

Together with two other important trading centres, Alleppey and Kottayam, it forms a triangle that is not only commercially affluent but also unspoiled in heritage and natural surroundings. The narrow ribbon of palm fringed beaches gives way inland to the highlands of the Western Ghats, rising to 5,000 feet (1,525 metres) at their highest point in the state.

It is possible to make a backwater journey from Trivandrum to Kodungal-lur, a distance of nearly 155 miles (250 km), or from Trivandrum to Kottayam, a distance of about 110 miles (175 km).

But both journeys really start from the ancient town of Quilon (Kollam), about 44 miles (70 km) north of Trivandrum Once a major international entrepot known to the Phoenicians and the Arabs, the Romans and the Greeks, the Chinese and the Persians, Quilon is still a major commercial center in Kerala. km) in area, Kerala is a long (360 miles/576 km) and narrow (averaging 30 miles/48 km, and not broader than 75 miles/120 km) strip along the southwestern tip of India.

The value of this course became very personal to Irene, when Rachel helped Irene’s grandson overcome a stuttering problem, allowing him to go on to 30 successful years as a preaching pastor.

Now a new generation, through Burwood Communications, continues to bring this valuable course to anyone needing help with English pronunciation, including those with a speech impediment as well as non-native English speakers who want to be understood more clearly.

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Kerala : A special delight Kerala offers is the trip on a slow boat through its forests and its palm shaded back-waters and canals, enjoying magnificent scenery all along the waterways and stopping to admire what history and religion have left in many towns and villages along the way.