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Of course, there was an original plan was to replace the media centre with this..

you could almost cross the Thames with the Danish one!

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Not holding any hopes up for the design of this judging by the Westfields previous efforts, Probably an excuse to put their tacky sign on a building high enough to be seen through the proposed offices infront of their mall.

I can't for the life of me work out where this is intended to be sited, for all these tales of future developments in the Olympic Park there really isn't all these fantasy stretches of land, it's all been planned down to the last development site for a long time. The only area I can think of is by the railway lines in the triangular plot of land bordered by the Liverpool Street lines, Westfield and the HS1 box grills to the east.

I guess this announcement is a bit like the news of a Chinese investor interested in resurrecting a "Crystal Palace", sounds exciting initially but the abundant potential outcomes are terrifying.