That's not to say race doesn't affect us at all.

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Fred and I rarely discuss race because it's not the biggest difference between us. We went to rival colleges: He's a Georgia Tech grad, and I'm a UGA Bulldog.

We still can't sit next to each other on the couch on game day.

When we visited a church in Savannah, GA, an older white man one pew up spent the entire sermon with his head twisted around, staring at us.

When we got in our car, we both looked at each other: "Did you see that man? We assumed it was because we're an interracial couple, and he didn't approve, but we'll never know for sure.

Does the fact that we ask the question mean we still have a long way to go? About a year ago I interviewed Shonda Rhimes, creator and executive producer of , and, at the time, I commended her on creating one of the first television shows to portray a multitude of interracial relationships without it being the central issue.

When I was asked to write an essay about my relationship in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. I've been in an interracial relationship with my fiancé Fred for two and a half years (and dated a bevy of men from different cultures and races before that), and I was raised by my parents to believe in Martin Luther King Jr's philosophy: All men are created equal. But after staring at a blank document on my computer screen for over 2 hours, I wondered why I was still struggling to put thoughts to paper. In fact, race is never discussed or even alluded to on the show. The AJC is seeking to do a story about multiracial people that live in the area and why they identify themselves as such. It's been a while but no worries, we are just upgrading and improving! We'll be meeting in the ' Wine Room' Also, TUNE IN TO V103 Tomorrow at 2pm, Ming, CEO of Color Blind will be on The Ryan Cameron Show! Thanks Color Blind International Single's Mingle is a extension of "Color Blind International" exclusive private dating club located in Buckhead Atlanta. I know that sounds simple, possibly naïve, and definitely romantic—but it's true.She replied, "I think that issues of race are a larger conversation that people project on a relationship, but for the two people in it, that's not the primary thing on their minds."I had never thought about it that way before, but it struck a chord because it's so true. Join us as we partner with Relationship Strategist Kenny Pugh for "Evening of Entertainment" hosted by The Chat Kafe radio show that will be airing live! They are working on deadline, so please send a message to if you would like to be in the story TODAY. Check out our own Ming Gregory in this Florida-based newspaper: in Tomorrow, March 2nd to hear Yours Truly on The Steve Harvey Morning Show giving love and dating advice from a matchmaker's POV and yes, we ARE Colorblind b/c LOVE IS! in case you buy into stereotypes and breeds fear and desperation, read this! If you've got cabin fever, then Friday can't get here quick enough! This group is for professional men and woman who are Do you have any NYE Plans? We'll have our friends from TWS - The Un Agency there as co-hosts and we're inviting you to join us! Only a few tickets are available for purchase, so get yours today! The AJC is seeking to do a story about ppl that live in Atlanta and identify as multiracial. But on a serious note, If you don't have the time to really commit to finding love and YOU ARE READY, then give us a call and let us 'hook you up! Census Bureau released some pretty depressing statistics about Black marriage rates in America.