Wide ranging forum about health centers, spas, massage parlors and freelancers in Malaysia.

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"Brothers" as punters are called in this region of Asia (similar to Singapore and China) care to mingle among themselves.

Therefore registration is required to read anything. Just scroll down below all the blinking and flashing banners to find the actual message board. Read More and view images ยป Find out about the hot spots for paid sex to plan your next vacation in Malaysia.

Actually it is a forum for Singapore's commercial sex scene but contains a lot of info on available girls in Malaysia, how to pick them up and where to find them.

Account registration is necessary to view most discussions.

There are also plenty of resources with shared bugil images.

The page lists reports and tidbits about whores and mongers in Kuala Lumpur.

It's some dated information, but members are rewarded with more recent discussions about hunting grounds like KL's infamous Beach Club and the Federal Hotel's health club. The best and most comprehensive forum for adult fun seeking travelers to Malaysia.

Sammyboy's forum is an icon in mongering cyber world for years.

The country of Malaysia has become a very modern place.