He's likely to be a bit old fashioned, which you may find charming.

male cancer dating female libra-90

This time, however they compete with one another, instead of harmonizing, because of the discordant nature of the elements.

His sense of humor and his appreciation of your rational thinking and good taste are bound to have endeared you to each other very quickly.

You'll find that he understands your mood swings because he has them too.

Air and Water - Your need for freedom and movement that comes from being born in an Air Sign, clashes with his desire for stillness and depth, due to strength of the Water element.

Getting them to work together will require concessions on both your parts.

Venus & Saturn vs the Moon & Jupiter - Venus, your ruling planet, gives you your powerful charm, and Saturn, who is exalted in your sign, gives you your incisive logic.

The Moon gives him his need for security, and Jupiter gives him his need for comfort and security.

These planets can work together marvelously, but it takes work and compromise on both your parts.

A Cancer Man will find you exciting, and have many attributes that attract you as well.