This is also a great feature for those who feel overwhelmed by choice as you have six hotties matching your description without even having to do anything.

Like the Daily Six, Match will continue to suggest matches for you, and you say yes if you like what you see.

Until now, it had been some years since I used (and yes I did meet someone there!

) and I must say that it looks better than ever and the design seems a lot more thoughtful, and its easier than ever to meet good matches.

Match is known one of the most famous dating sites, with the largest amount of active users and most popular in the UK and the US. This was a complete relief after trying out eharmony where the questionnaire literally takes about 3 hours!

) It also has a short list that lets you choose a personality type. I noticed that one of the choices was “I’m high maintenance” which did make me chuckle. There’s then a short questionnaire with details about you such as job, appearance, hobbies and so on with multiple choice boxes and sometimes options to put in a little comment, which takes around 5 mins to complete.

At the start you are asked to choose from, “I’m ready for a new relationship” to “Let’s see what happens” or “I’m not looking for a relationship” (perfect for those just looking for hook ups and friends with benefits!

There is you can select what you are looking for in a partner (from hobbies, to things like do they want or have children.) Finally you write a little bit about yourself and Match gives you some suggestions and inspiration.Match is famous for having the most amount of active profiles.Here’s some stuff I really liked: This is a new feature, which selects 6 great matches for you straight away, based on your questionnaire answers. Here you get to say whether you like them, or maybe like them, or just don’t.The ones you like will then see your profile in their Daily 6 and if they select like you back it lets you both know so that you can begin chatting and maybe even go on a date!Your details will later get shown to them (along with many other profiles) and if you both say yes Match puts you in touch.I like this because it’s not embarrassing or causing you to lose face.