Nickelsen Location: Racine, Wisconsin Email: Date: 12/7/2002Time: PMRemote Name: am pleased to say that I just saw the Stewart J. Name: Marty Paul Location: Houston, Texas (orig Detroit)Email: com Date: 12/4/2002Time: PMRemote Name: Terry Weiss's log book entry of 11/19/02...Cort, decked out in Christmas lights, heading south off Racine. Name: Thomas Mahan Location: Forked River New Jersey Email: Date: 12/6/2002Time: PMRemote Name: 63.1Trying to locate an old US Coast Guard buddy, Robert D.

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There’s also an unflinching awareness that you were made for him. Once the starry-eyed phase has progressed into the inevitable power-struggle, that’s when the real work begins.

For the purpose of not seeing too many (if there is such a thing) what is the best trip to take? Name: Richard & Sharon Greenway Location: Forest Bay, (cottage) Port Hope, Huron County.

Email: Date: 12/20/2002Time: AMRemote Name: .118We have been looking for a site like this as we love to watch the lake traffic from the cottage but lack the ability to identify who they are.

Name: jim forss Location: sandusky ohio Email: Date: 12/20/2002Time: AMRemote Name: love this site becouse my father worked on the lake on ship and i love going down bye the lake watching the ships go though Name: mike stark Location: Wisconsin Email: mikie_55Date: 12/19/2002Time: AMRemote Name: .99A very good friend of mine Robert Stansky (BOB) used to sail on the Thomas A.

Milsop and I would love for anyone that sailed with him to e-mail me so you can get in touch with him, he is very eager to meet past sailors he has met! Name: Phyllis Hewitt Location: Port Colborne, Ontario Email: Date: 12/10/2002Time: PMRemote Name: 24.1This is a great site keep up the good work.

Name: julie fletcher Location: thorold Email: julie.Date: 12/26/2002Time: PMRemote Name: 216.2Neil, I got a phone call this morning (Dec 26th) that someone is looking for me on Do you know who??? Name: Bill Van Sickler Location: Carrollton, Texas Email: Date: 12/21/2002Time: PMRemote Name: 2.68In October 2003, my wife and I are planning a 7-10 day trip from Traverse City, up to Sault Ste Marie, over to Split Rock Lighthouse and back to Traverse City.

I have found several lighthouses (including trip to Mackinac Island) to vist.

Name: Rosemary Location: Dowagiac Email: Date: 12/8/2002Time: PMRemote Name: 12.1Looking for articals on Janis Sanders.

She was last seen July 21, 1975 in Niles Michigan Name: John R.

Name: Tim Reynolds Location: Richmond, VAEmail: TReyn39823Date: 12/15/2002Time: AMRemote Name: .14Great website. My brother works on the boats and put me on to this website. Email: dcedstrom1Date: 12/14/2002Time: PMRemote Name: .14I would like to locate Pete Caesar, a Great Lakes Researcher, living somewhere on the shores of Lake Michigan. I have been around the boats for nearly fifty years. I met my husband when he was sailing, he is retired now after working on the boats since 1953.

Thanks Name: Nicole Location: Email: mary.b.Date: 12/12/2002Time: PMRemote Name: 24.1I am doing a report for my social studies class on my ancestors and I was wondering if anyone has any information on the lighthouse keeper named Charles W. this site keeps me up to date on the news around the lakes and i really enjoy it.