In 2013 December, he paid glowing tribute to the well known icon Nelson Mandela who previously died 2013 with his then, latest collection.

His designs are diverse and colourful with bold shapes and patterns.

Aside from her studies, Mama likes to read and to travel as much as possible.

She enjoys cooking, citing shrimps in spiced sauce with rice as her favourite dish.

year university student hailing from the port city of Conakry, Guinea’s capital.

Mama has aspirations of a career utilising her biology knowledge, specifically as a biologist or a forensics officer.

Musically, Mama notes classical music as her favourite to listen to, but she can play the Balafon (African Xylophone) and is adept at certain African dances. To realise a dream, becoming a beauty and making my country proud.

Designer dress - Alpha O Fashion Formally known as Bah Alpha Oumar Ly, Alpha’O is the young fashion designer from Guinea. Savory If you could have any super power, what would it be and why? Which Challenge Events do you feel most confident about? Cassidy Wolf's interview with Anderson Cooper comes as an international crackdown by the FBI and police in 19 countries has brought more than 90 arrests in what authorities say is a serious strike against 'creepware'.The sweep, a two-year operation, was coordinated so suspects didn't have time to destroy evidence and included the arrest of Swedish hacker Alex Yucel, a co-creator of Blackshades, the cheap and accessible software used to hijack computers remotely.'I didn't realize this could happen': Cassidy Wolf, 19, speaks with Anderson Cooper about her 'sextortion' ordeal on Monday night, after her computer was hacked and a boy from her school secretly watched her via webcam for one year Wolf was sent an email containing a series of photos of herself changing, with Abrahams demanding better-quality photos, video and a five-minute sex show on Skype or he would make the images public, threatening to ruin her beauty pageant chances.She found herself, 'relieved, glad that they were able to find who the person is, but on the other hand it was someone I went to high school with.Set of Two Traditional Guinean Figures What’s your current favourite website?