We cannot compete, nor would we want to compete with other islands or resorts, which do not pay a living wage to their staff.

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• Is it okay to walk Orient Bay beyond Pedro’s without clothes? • How do we check-in in the evening if we arrive after the front desk closes?

• What is the difference between INF, AANR, TNS, FFN, etc what do they do and why should I join? You can make your reservations at anytime and then periodically check the exchange rate and give us a call or email us to pre-pay your stay and you will have achieved the benefit of a favorable rate.

• Can I bring my own drinks or food into the restaurant? • What’s the difference between nudist and naturist? • Is being a nudist or naturist a lifestyle and what does the term “lifestyle” mean? • What about children being in a nudist environment? Or to insure your cost/rate, pre-pay your stay when the dollar is strong.

• Why can’t you give me my room number prior to my arrival?

First we are a “niche” market resort and exist to serve a much smaller clientele base that limits our ability to market to the public at large.

We cannot, as an example, book the conventions or group tours, which are the lifeblood of many resort properties.

In addition, we actually restrict non-resort guests who wish to visit our restaurant, spa, etc.

Most properties actively encourage outsiders to visit their resorts for added revenue; we are restricted because of the exclusive nature of our resort. Secondly, St Martin is a part of France, which has very generous social benefits for its citizens (our employees).

We only employ legal residents of the country and pay a generous wage and substantial social charges on these wages.

• Who do we ask for assistance if we are having difficulty connecting to the internet? • What should I do if I encounter a problem on the beach or in the resort being created by other people? • Is there a free shuttle from the airport to Club Orient? Pay your bill in Euros, as many credit cards do not charge you a commission or charge a smaller commission on dollar conversion than we pay.

Will we have to listen to comments from people if we choose when and where we are nude? We cannot guarantee rates in other currencies because the values of those currencies fluctuate daily.