“What tends to happen, in my experience, is they either fizzle out because one or both parties is not enthusiastic enough to make the extra effort,” Jacoby said. We had a conversation with the phrase: “It’s not that far.” As we loaded up the car, left New York and sat in traffic for six hours, I got a sinking feeling in my stomach. Was I tricked into thinking something was easier than it is? Her fiance left his job in New York, and they now live in Arlington, Va., with their two children, a golden retriever and have 11 years of marriage under their belt.But the blonde also suggested there were other things on her mind as she added that it had 'been a sad couple of days for other reasons' and claiming last week that she needed to 'blow off some steam.'Ahead of reports she is devastated after splitting from Mario, the friend claimed that Kasey wasn't smitten and that the affair would only last depending on 'how long he’s gonna pay for her until the next big ticket comes around!When Kathryne Love’s boyfriend proposed to her on the Brooklyn Bridge in 2004, she said yes, excited to spend the rest of her life with the man she loved.

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But a Washington-New York relationship can pose the same problems as dating between any two distant cities. So are all long-distance relationships between the two cities doomed?

He moved to Manhattan for a job; and when he moved, she went to visit.

Their weekends in New York turned a close friendship into a full-blown relationship.

“And so that was tough, because we were both 28, independent, and pretty particular people.

It was kind of like two worlds colliding.” Plus, she added, “It’s always different when you’re sharing the same bathroom.” There’s something about the Washington to New York relationship that feels more manageable than other long-distance relationships.

Washington-area matchmaker Michelle Jacoby said that among her clients that are willing to date in other cities, New York is always on the table.

“I think it’s just perceived as not that far away,” she said.

Then, they had to take care of one small detail: move to the same city.

Love lived in the District, where they had both gone to law school.

Two years later, they were engaged but had never lived in the same place while dating.

“We were already committed to the marriage for life,” Love said.