I do all the things I just listed off campus because there isn't really an off and on campus. Because NYU is so big and diverse, I don't think there are the "most popular" groups or clubs on campus.

If I'm awake at 2 am on a Tuesday, I'm probably reading because I'm unable to sleep.

The traditions that happen every year are Strawberry Fest in the spring, the dance on the boat that goes around Manhattan in the spring, graduation in Washington Square Park in the spring, Halloween parade, Chinese New Year in Chinatown.

People party every weekend starting on Thursday because students don't usually have class on Fridays.

Fraternities and sororities are not that important. I went to a Broadway show and studied last weekend. You can go to a show, a play, a comedy club, the ballet, a restaurant, the Empire State building, shopping (stores are open very late in New York).

One of the larger groups on campus is greek life, and while greek life seems to be getting more popular each year, it still remains a very small percentage of the student body at NYU.

One of the great htings about NYU students however, is that no matter which club or organization they are part of, NYU students are extremely active.The most popular organizations on campus are the Milk and Cookies Club, NYU Democrats, and a couple Jewish organizations.I'm involved in Model UN, which is very popular when the school year starts, but then people begin to stop coming because there are only 2 conferences a year.I'm also part of residence hall government, which is popular depending on the residence hall.It's also very rewarding because you get to decide what programs happen and you get to know all the details and get first dibs.They are the type of students who truly fight for what they believe in, and I love that they are such activists.