Laura Sherer of The College of Wooster was one of seven student-athletes named to the Academic All-District® volleyball team, the College Sports Information Directors of America (Co SIDA) announced Thursday.

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Over the summer, she was one of 30 students selected out of a field of 400 applicants for the prestigious Fred Hutchinson Summer Research Program in Seattle. The honorees were selected by Co SIDA among top players with minimum 3.30 GPAs from within Wooster's district (Illinois, Indiana, Ohio).

There, Sherer studied two proteins recently shown as tumor suppressors.

An avid researcher, Sherer's independent study project focuses on analyzing enzymes in nicotinic acid degradation in soil bacteria.

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A very accurate server, Sherer carries a 95.8 (456-of-476) serve percentage into the North Coast Athletic Conference Tournament this weekend.

Off the court, Sherer has a perfect 4.0 GPA as a biochemistry and molecular biology major.