This is a brave addiction story by one of our supporters.

All the while I felt like a hypocrite and knew I had to get help, but how do you tell someone about this?

When I moved to Melbourne to study at university I got a new computer and thought, “this will be my clean machine, never again will I look up porn or go into a flirt chat room.” That determination only ever lasted a few weeks at most.

I eventually started working full time but the addiction was right there with me, taking away my weekends, my nights, some times all night!

As a teenager I decided I wanted to be a Christian but I wasn’t the best at living that out.

I spoke out about the importance of waiting until marriage but in the secret I looked up porn, masturbated over it and got involved in sex chatting online. I had not intended to live this dual life, many times I tried to stop.

Late one night after a few hours of chasing a lustful fix, in my shame and desperation I found a website that had a course to help guys struggling with porn addiction.

While that wasn’t the end of my acting out it got me onto the right path.

At times, once I was old enough to understand that it wasn’t socially acceptable, I tried to stop, and maybe managed a few months at best without it in my childhood years.

I remember finding nude scenes on videos, and then looking at a porno mag on a scout camp, and a friend showing me his dad’s magazines after school – but for most of my life this was a very big secret for me.