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So dear Erna, for me there is German or Russian women is simply women I like a man I adore.

- Friedrich, I’m still a young woman, and I can bear.

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She lay awake in the dark, waiting to hear what he required her to do.

The humiliation part of the punishment would be extremely difficult for her.

I will see you next week as arranged.” Peter stood up in silence, he could hardly take events in, the bulge in his trousers made Ms.

I want to give birth to your child, that from this war I have left at least one pleasant memory. - That I can not promise you, Erna, but if it works and you will conceive the baby from me, I will be pleased.

In any case, in order not to offend anyone, the author changed the names of the characters.

– Do not try to run away or throw away even what something stupid, all your photos and feed in a safe place, you can not find them – Natasha pulled the rope and pulled me with him – crawl on his belly slut!

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– She patted my stomach and held slightly below – and there you also will not feel anything, you are my slave, and the slave is not worthy to fuck her in the pussy, only in his mouth and ass! Please untie me, I hurt all over – prohnukala I – I will do everything that you want.

– It’s morning, walk a bit you could use, at the same time do something for me – Natasha untied the ropes on his feet, holding a rope it is only weakened, then again to tighten their already behind me.